CH Watching Over Me Mykonos Blue Classic Scarf
CH Watching Over Me Mykonos Blue Classic Scarf

CH Watching Over Me Mykonos Blue Classic Scarf

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Introducing the exquisite 'Watching Over Me' Classic Pure Silk Scarf in Mykonos Blue by Clare Haggas; a poignant fusion of artistry and emotion. These scarf designs pay homage to the eternal bond between loved ones, inspired by Clare's late husband Will.

Each scarf in this collection is a canvas of sentiment, featuring Clare's original artwork of Robins, graceful swooping swallows, and ethereal floating feathers – all on this fresh, spring blue backdrop.

Transcending fashion, 'Watching Over Me' serves as a symbol of hope and connection. And Clare drew her inspiration from the age-old belief that Robins, often regarded as messengers of spirits, carry the presence of loved ones who have departed. These charming birds are thought to be celestial companions, watching over us: a reminder that love endures beyond the boundaries of life and death.

“I’m a firm believer that our native Robin represents our loved ones appearing to let us know they are ok. Even more so now, so I wanted to share my comfort and beliefs with my tribe. This collection brings me a bittersweet feeling of serenity and peace, and I hope it does, for you too.”

Beautifully capturing the essence of the spiritual connection between this world and the next, these scarves are the perfect canvas for expressing love, remembrance, and the enduring nature of the human spirit.

Composition and Care

Each of my pieces are hand made from the finest natural fabric and made entirely in England.

Silk is a very porous fabric so please do not expose any of my accessories to severe elements, or wear in wet hair. This can cause the original artwork to discolour and affect the quality of your piece, resulting in irreversible damage.

If you need to clean your beautiful accessories please dry clean only.

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